We use products that are environmentally friendly to help improve indoor air quality and reduce the health problems that traditional products cause.


Our staff is loyal, committed, and continually trained. 


We provide one time, weekly, every other week and monthly cleaning services.






Bedrooms And Common Areas

  • Vacuum all carpets

  • Vacuum, mop and dry hard floor surfaces

  • Vacuum stairs 

  • Dust flat areas 

  • Sweep, vacuum, and/ or mop floors

  • Hand wash and dry marble

  • Tidy room appearance

  • Dust furniture and knickknacks

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Beds made

  • Dust general areas

  • Dust ceiling fans 

  • Dust blinds 

  • Clean window sills 

  • Wipe and dust baseboards 

  • Clean vents & ledges


  • Clean and disinfect shower & shower doors

  • Clean and disinfect bathtubs

  • Clean and disinfect toilets & Sinks 

  • Clean coutners & vanities

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean windows sills

  • Dust blinds

  • Dust general areas

  • Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop floors

  • Wipe and dust baseboards

  • Empty trash


  • Scrub, disinfect and polish sink

  • Clean counter tops

  • Clean all Appliances (Exterior)

  • Clean outside of range hood

  • Clean microwave (Interior & Exterior)

  • Mop and dry wood/ laminate floors

  • Wipe cabinets ( Exterior)

  • Clean backsplash

  • Clean base boards

  • Clean Windows Sills

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Clean vents & ledges

  • Empty trash


Laundry Room

  • Sweep, mop, dust

  • Wipe outside of washer and dryer

  • Wipe outside of all cabinets

Additional Service (CALL FOR PRICING)

  • Folding Laundry 

  • Sweep Front and/or Back Porch 

  • Sweep Garages

  • Inside Appliances (Oven and Refridgerator)

  • Organization (Closet, Pantry, Cabinets, Etc.)